Tuesday 23 April 2013

Table Up

Design by Victoria Hagan
Photo elledecor.com

Typically, we see console tables used in entrance ways to create space for placing keys, additional lighting and for anchoring a mirror so you don't go out with lipstick on your teeth. In my own entrance, I have used West Elm's Rustic Acacia Table, which, at only 10" deep, was a perfect fit for the shallow niche just to the right of the door.


Console tables and even small desks are flexible pieces that can be placed in otherwise difficult or lack lustre spaces. Eye catching arrangements, like the Victoria Hagan designed space above, create key focal points leading your eye through a space. In many cases, the table can be multipurpose by converting quickly to a handy place to check emails.

I have been considering the versatility of console tables lately when considering my own decor dilemmas in our relatively new house. We have two radiators positioned under windows, flanking the fireplace, on the main floor. You can just see the radiator above hidden behind the chair to the left of the fireplace. (Can you spot the LEGO? This is how I really live.)
This is the radiator on the right side of the fireplace and nearest to the entrance. What to do with this useless space? Well, after much measuring and web surfing, I found that West Elm's Parsons Desk in white would be a perfect fit over the radiator.


It was shallow enough not to block traffic flow or impede using the doors just to the right of the desk. I chose the white because it would overly draw attention for itself and provides a nice focal point in the underused corner. Bonus, we can use it as a space desk for my hubby or one of my kids.

You can probably see just of hint of paint test swatches in the living room but that`s a decorating dilemma for another day! In the meantime, here are Ms. Dabble's Top Five Console Tables:




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  1. Ms. Dabble, the console table looks great! I like the second look with the branch lamp. so cute!